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metal roofingThe benefits of residential and commercial metal roofing have homeowners and architects around the nation choosing metal for building projects. It is currently one of the fastest growing segments of home improvement, and for a good reason: versatility, sustainability and economic value to name a few. With metal roofing, homeowners and organizations are able to achieve both beauty and lasting value. "

Architects and building owners use metal to meet, and exceed, their design and performance needs."
(Metal Construction Association)

Durability of Metal Roofing

With a 50+ year performance expectation, metal roofing is particularly durable - especially when compared to other roofing options. Roofing shingles, for example, only have a life expectancy of 12-17 years and even less than that in areas subject to harsh weather. Metal roof systems, by contrast, offer lasting beauty. Unlike other roofing materials, metal does not encourage biological growth. Irritants, like algae, can cause discoloration and premature deterioration in roofs. But with galvanized metal roofing, there is no loosening, cracking, curling, peeling, warping or splitting - just enduring value. 

Cost-Efficiency of Metal Roofing

For the best return on your investment, metal roofing just makes sense. Maintenance on a metal roof is low-cost due to metal construction's durability and its fade resistant surface coating. Additionally there are the benefits of reduced energy, which directly translates to money saved through decreased air conditioning expense. In fact, metal roofing has been ENERGY STAR-labeled to lower heating/cooling costs. It takes less man hours to install a metal roof, which is another opportunity for savings. Plus, metal roofing contributes to tax benefits.

Environmental Responsibility of Metal Roofing

Many features of metal roofing demonstrate its environmental responsibility. The material itself is 100% recyclable. Meaning that, unlike other roofing solutions, it will not be disposed of in landfills. Further, it can help prevent landfill disposal of roofing structures because in many cases it can be installed over existing roofs due to its low weight composition. In addition to these features, metal roofs have minimal carbon footprinting, virtually zero out-gassing and reduces cooling loads. Also note: Metal roofing contributes to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points.

Versatility of Metal Roofing

The versatility of metal roofing allows for beautiful styles that can match any home, neighborhood or business district. Due to its flexibility and variety of finishes, metal is one of the most flexible building materials available. There are a wide range of options in applications for substrates, color, shapes, seams, styles, module widths, profiles and rib patterns. Not only is there versatility with metal roof systems, but  there is also versatility with metal wall systems: colors, panel sizes, finishes, profiles, textures and vertical or horizontal installations. With metal, you can achieve the look you want. To view our color options, visit: METAL ROOFING COLOR CHART.

As you consider the best material for your roofing needs, please feel free to contact us with questions. We'll be more than happy to explain why metal roofing could be the perfect solution for your refitting or new build.


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