What are the benefits of metal roofing systems?

There are many reasons that homeowners and builders are choosing metal construction. A few of these reasons include: durability, sustainability, versatility and cost efficiency. For more details, see our Benefits of Metal Roofing page.

What can I expect in terms of style and aesthetic quality?

One of the benefits of metal roofing is versatility. You will find a range of finishes, colors, patterns and textures. The result is a customized piece that will fit in beautifully in any neighborhood or business district. To view options, see our COLOR & SUBSTRATE CHART.

What is the life expectancy of metal roofing?

Metal roofing is known for its low-maintenance durability and long life expectancy - up to 50+ years. 

Are metal roofs noisy?

 While this idea is understandable, it is also an unnecessary concern. Due to insulation and the installation process of metal roofing over a flat deck, noise is comparable with that of shingles roof.

How much will my metal roof system cost?

Metal roofing is an affordable choice with lasting value. For a free estimate, please call (251) 661-9346.